We are through the first week of our 10-day challenge and the competition is lagging further and further behind. We have already demonstrated that the technologically-advanced formulation of The Right C® is comparable to Mother Nature’s oranges, but what if we throw a curve ball? Let’s take a national vitamin C competitor and see how it stands up to oranges and The Right C®.

The Right C® powder dose is 1,000mg, no added sugars, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors.

When choosing a vitamin C, what matters most when selecting a product? What matters most is absorption and uptake by the cells! The Right C® is an advanced and special crystal form of vitamin C specifically formulated to “enter the cells” (EnterCell™) through “multiple pathways” (MultiPath®). The Right C ® is a special crystal form of vitamin C with a strongly attached sodium ion. The sodium ion used in this product provides enhanced entry into the cells through our unique EnterCell™ technology. Conventional vitamin C, along with most other food nutrients, utilizes only the glucose pathway into the cells. This pathway, due to reduced availability of transporter proteins, can impair the uptake of vitamin C into the cells and lead to it having to “wait in line” for absorption. The Right C® has been complexed with other nutrients that enable the utilization of different pathways into the cell (MultiPath®), providing significantly better uptake compared to other vitamin C products. This gives it a 400% better absorption rate while also being sugar and calorie free. The Right C®, enhanced with our Riboperine™ metabolite complex, has been tested for many years in clinical validations ensuring the clinical benefits of the product. Day 7 of the challenge and The Right C® is still clearly on top.

If you aren’t taking The Right C®.. then you are taking the wrong vitamin C!”