Welcome to Day 6 and 6 oranges of our Vitamin C Challenge. We always like to begin looking at exactly is in this many oranges for starters.

What’s in 6 Oranges?
300mg of Vitamin C
270 calories (2X Can of Soda)
54g of sugar (1.5X Can of Soda)

Did you know that humans are 1 of only 4 species in the natural world that lack the ability to produce their own Vitamin C? (The others are primates, guinea pigs, and fruit bats.)

Most veteran vitamin C researchers believe that for optimal health we should be consuming 1000mg per every 25lbs of body weight per day (e.g., for a 125lbs woman that would be 5,000mg divided up throughout the day). Are you getting enough vitamin C from your diet? Watch and listen to Dr. Thomas E. Levy explain the benefits of vitamin C, including some great historical information.