Another orange has been added to our fruit basket.  We’re up to five!  That’s a lot of oranges to eat in one sitting, but we’re trying to put THE RIGHT C® to the test.  Let’s start off by looking at what’s in 5 oranges.

5 Oranges:
250 mg of Vitamin C
45g of sugar (Equivalent to a can of coca cola)

That’s a good amount of vitamin C, but can your body absorb it all with that much sugar?  Unfortunately the sugar is blocking your glucose pathways and a lot of that Vitamin C will just pass through your body.  This is something that makes  THE RIGHT C® so different from other sources of Vitamin C.  It is sugar free allowing your body to absorb up to 400% more Vitamin C.

What’s in 1 serving of THE RIGHT C®?
500 mg of Vitamin C
0g of sugar

And we’re only at day five of our ten orange, 10 day challenge.  This is getting interesting!