Here we are on day two of our orange challenge.

What’s in 2 oranges?

For starters there is 100mg of Vitamin C, 90 calories, and 18g of sugar. To put that amount of sugar in perspective it’s about a half a can of coca cola.  Sugar can hinder our body’s ability to absorb the Vitamin C content due to blocking the the glucose pathway of cellular absorption.  This is really a unique feature of The Right C®, it has zero sugar which allows to maximum absorption.  Up to 400% over either supplements or fruit.  Don’t just take our word for it, read below from published author and Board Certified Internal Medicine & Cardiology Doctor, Thomas Levy has to say.

“People ask me “What Vitamin C would you recommend?”. After researching Vitamin C for most of my professional life, I have found one that: has sodium for its transport systems (MultiPath – multiple sodium dependent pathways for entry into the cells); is pH neutral (non-acidic) therefore, gentle and well tolerated when taken in large doses; and, has the research behind it to show that it’s the most effective and bioavailable Vitamin C currently available – it is The Right C®.