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Features and Benefits of The Right C®

  • A technologically advanced and more bioavailable vitamin C
  • Rapid Absorption – up to four times better absorption than other vitamin C products
  • Provides additional anti-oxidant activity for year-round health benefit
  • Faster absorption and more complete uptake with EnterCell™ and MultiPath® technologies:

Our unique delivery systems enable The Right C to enter the
cell through multiple pathways (MultiPath® technology). Most other vitamin C products use only one pathway to get vitamin C into the cell.

The Sodium* used in The Right C utilizes the body’s abundance of sodium-dependent pathways to increase uptake of vitamin C into the cells (EnterCell™ technology).

Because The Right C is absorbed more rapidly and more completely into the body, the overall benefits of vitamin C may be enhanced and longer lasting than with other vitamin C products. These include vitamin C’s important role as an anti-oxidant itself, as well as its role in helping to recycle other anti-oxidants such as vitamin E.

  • Not just a vitamin C supplement!

The Right C not only provides improved anti-oxidant protection, our proprietary formulation provides additional benefits not available with other vitamin C products.

How does The Right C® do this?

The Right C contains Riboperine™, a proprietary metabolite complex which has been shown to enhance the uptake of vitamin C (up to four times more than other forms of vitamin C) and which may also improve cellular energy (ATP) production, as well as support other anti-oxidant defense mechanisms in the body – two benefits not available from other vitamin C products!

  • Non-acidic, pH neutral – gentle on the stomach and reduces/eliminates intestinal upset, even at higher doses.
  • 100% water soluble – The Right C® powder dissolves readily in water or your favorite beverage to provide a pleasant tasting vitamin C drink. Keep in mind that if the beverage is acidic (orange juice, soda pop), this may defeat the pH neutral properties of The Right C®.
  • Not associated with kidney stones – Research shows that if kidney stones are associated with vitamin C supplementation, they are due to the vitamin C not being well absorbed by the digestive tract. This is not the case with the enhanced absorption of The Right C®.
    * The form of sodium traditionally associated with hypertension is sodium chloride, as found in table salt and many processed foods. The sodium used in The Right C® is sodium ascorbate, which has not been associated with raising of blood pressure, unlike table salt. A 1000 mg dose of The Right C® contains only 6% of the daily value for sodium (2400 mg sodium per day).

Individuals with concerns about salt intake should discuss these concerns with their healthcare practitioner.

“If you aren’t taking The Right C®…
                          …then you are taking the wrong C!”™

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The Right C® and MultiPath® are registered trademarks of The C Group, Inc.